3,5 km away from Boboshevo is situated one of the oldest monasteries - "St. Dimitar". It is founded in the beginning of 10th century. Nowadays the only survived is the monastery church 'St. Dimitar" which keeps authentic frescoes from 15th century. The wall-paintings are fully restored and the church has been pronounced as monument of culture with national significance.
15 km away from Skrino Village - the birthplace of Yoan Rilski - is the Ruen Monastery, founded in his honour and the only one in Bulgaria with Athon singing of monk choir during mass.


The Rila Monastery - the biggest monastery in Bulgaria, covering territory of 8800 sq.m.
Melnik - situated in picturesque area and famous with its architecture from the National revival and unique wine-cellars.
Rupite - a beautiful area famous with its mineral waters, the church-monument St. Petka of prophet Vanga and the Samuil Fortress.